About Us

STEIN Ingenieure GmbH is an internationally active, independent engineering and consulting company that supports its customers in the successful implementation of technically demanding, complex water and wastewater infrastructure projects. With a total of 7 office locations in Germany and Austria, our regional presence enables personal coordination with our customers and all project participants on site. At the same time, the close cooperation within the network of the Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stein & Partner GmbH group of companies allows the integration of further experts, special experiences, processes and tools.

STEIN Ingenieure is a merger of the "Ingenieurgesellschaft für Umwelttechnik und Infrastruktur mbH" (ingutis), which was founded by Dr.-Ing. Peter Drewniok in Leipzig in 1990, and S & P Consult GmbH, Bochum, a subsidiary of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stein & Partner GmbH, which was founded in 1993.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. D. Stein and Dr.-Ing. Peter Drewniok had already created a long time ago essential foundations for the sustainable use of drain and sewer systems and for trenchless installation and rehabilitation of pipelines. STEIN Ingenieure continues this tradition. We have been a part of initiating and shaping the development of maintenance and rehabilitation in the wastewater sector in the Federal Republic of Germany in the form of R&D projects, root cause analyses, studies, standardisation work and numerous engineering projects. The objectives of our activities are the protection of the environment and the safeguarding of the sustainable functional reliability of underground supply and disposal infrastructures and thus the quality of life in our cities.

STEIN Ingenieure has an expert team of planners, structural engineers, geotechnical engineers, hydraulic engineers and environmental engineers at its disposal for the realisation of these goals. Their know-how in planning, construction, operation, maintenance, rehabilitation and management of water supply and wastewater disposal networks as well as their mastery of all trenchless pipeline construction and rehabilitation methods are key ingredients in our success.


We develop practical solutions for our clients for their diverse and sometimes very complex projects. In addition, we offer the know-how to carry out specific network analyses, to design integral, holistic rehabilitation strategies, to develop concepts for the maintenance of network asset value and to provide stability in the budgets covered by service charges. We advise owners and operators in all areas of maintenance management of their water supply and wastewater disposal networks.

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Our service approach

Urban water infrastructures are billion-dollar fixed assets built up over decades in municipal budgets, which are under great pressure to change worldwide. In addition to demographic changes and demands for greater resource efficiency, climate change necessitates far-reaching adjustments to water infrastructures. Meeting a high level of environmental protection and ensuring a high quality of life for the inhabitants is a challenging task for decision-makers and planners in the municipalities. This is all the more so as the variety of technical possibilities, procedures, variants and concepts for the operators of water infrastructures is becoming ever greater and more complex. In addition, water-sensitive municipal development requires integrated planning processes. These are indispensable if developments in the design of the urban water balance are to be sustainable against the background of future challenges. Thus, the "water manager" is moving into the centre of interdisciplinary holistic planning processes, which have a considerable impact on the development of asset values, fee models, licensing requirements, liability issues and extending up to organisational forms and much more.

STEIN engineers accompany and support network operators in this development through our unique understanding and comprehensive tools applied to the infrastructure lifecycle management process. From data management, operation and maintenance management to rehabilitation management, we develop concepts and implement solutions that are distinguished by a proven high level of economic efficiency and technical expertise. They enable the implementation of important adjustment and optimization processes at the administrative and council level and also include the integration of fee payers through modern forms of digital citizen communication.

Our team

Our team is characterised by great diversity in terms of ethnic origin, culture, age, gender and way of thinking. This diversity adds value and strength for us. We put talent and skills first and believe that this diversity helps us attract and retain exceptional colleagues and develop efficient and outstanding solutions for our clients.

This diversity is also reflected in the extensive expertise of our employees. Our team includes civil engineers as well as geologists, structural engineers, physicists and employees from a variety of other disciplines. This spectrum enables us to develop solutions that require a view beyond the typical horizon.

Gruppenfoto beim Sommerfest im Juni 2022

Our history


Publication of the first technical book to the topic “Rehabilitation of drains and sewers” of Professor Dr.-Ing. Dietrich Stein and W. Niederehe
Foundation of the Prof. Dr. -Ing. Stein und Partner GmbH (www.stein.de)
Planning and supervision of the first solid rock pipe jacking for a relief collector DN 1600 over a distance of 300 m in the town of Altena, Germany
Foundation of Visaplan GmbH (www.visaplan.com) and development of the first computer-based learning systems for engineers
Development of the computer-aided simulation method "CoJack" (Computing and Controlling Pipe-Jacking) to determine the actual stress of jacking pipes and to provide a quality-assurance instrument for the monitoring of pipe jacking projects from planning to approval of constructions
Second edition of the technical book " Rehabilitation of drains and sewers " by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dietrich Stein
Development of a procedure for the optimization and control of the use of bentonite in pipejacking measures, in cooperation with DMT GmbH
Appointment as consultant to the licensing authorities (State Environmental Authorities in the licensing procedure for Europe's largest wastewater project, the "Emscher Sewer")
First implementation of the extended condition assessment and rehabilitation planning for a masonry large profile sewer in Wuppertal, Germany
Winner of the European E-Learning Award (Eurela) for the development of the knowledge network UNITRACC (www.unitracc.com)
First international infrastructure management project for drinking water supply and sanitation in Ain Al-Basha, Jordan
Publication of the technical book "Trenchless Technology for Installation of Cables and Pipelines" (in German) in our own publishing house
Spin-off of the planning department into the independent engineering company "S & P Consult GmbH
Commissioning of ARGE EK (Dorsch Consult Wasser und Umwelt GmbH, AEW Plan GmbH, Pöyry GKW GmbH, S & P CONSULT GmbH) with planning services for the construction of the Emscher sewer in the design sections EA 20 to EA 40 with a total length of approx. 34.5 km
Development and testing of a fluid-filled pressure transfer medium for the even transmission of the jacking force during pipe jacking
First use of the STATUS asset management system for a state capital Düsseldorf of North Rhein Westphalia. Development of an net asset value preservation concept
Publication of the reference book "Wertermittlung von Abwassernetzen" (Valuation of Sewer Networks) by Dr.-Ing. Robert Stein and Dipl.-Ing. Shuan Ghaderi in our own publishing house
Foundation of the office location in Hannover
Publication of the reference book "Trenchless Technology for Installation of Cables and Pipelines, 2nd Volume: Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)" by Dr.-Ing. Robert Stein, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dietrich Stein
Winning of the project management for the rehabilitation of 125 km of the drain and sewer system of city of Dortmund for a 5-year period together with Gelsenwasser AG
Spin-off of the network management division from S & P Consult GmbH into the independent company "STEIN Infrastructure Management GmbH”


Foundation of the „Ingenieurgesellschaft für Umwelttechnik und Infrastruktur mbH“ in Leipzig, Managing Director Dr.-Ing. Peter Drewniok
Foundation of the independent branch Ingutis Prague, Czech Republic, Managing Director Dipl.-Ing. Jan Sochurek
Opening of the office location in Berlin
Opening of the office location in Munich
Opening of the office location in Innsbruck, Austria
Completion of the 2nd southern main collector, 11 construction phases, total length 3,450 m, total renovation accounts € 19.7 million

Move to the premises at Rabensteinplatz 1 in Leipzig
Realization of the new main sewer DN 2200 in Innsbruck from Bozner Platz to Dreiheiligenstraße by means of pipe jacking in 6 sections and a total length of 920 m
Construction of a combined sewer overflow basin at the mouth of the Sill in Innsbruck with a basin volume of 4,200 m3 and a connected high-water pumping station with a capacity of 6,000 l/s
With the retirement of Dipl-Ing. Jan Sochurek closing of the Prague branch office
Relocation of the Leipzig office to the premises at Querstraße 18 in Leipzig
Rehabilitation of the ULK siphon in Linz with a tunnel cross section of 4.0 m wide and 5.1 m high over a total length of 1,350 m. Installation of new GRP pipes DN 1900 and DN 1100 in a reinforced concrete construction as well as mineral vault coating
Winning the 4-year framework contract at Leipzig / Halle Airport
Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Beuntner joins the management
Merger with Ingutis GmbH to form STEIN Ingenieure GmbH (www.stein-ingenieure.com)

Our quality management approach

When it comes to the rehabilitation of sewers and pipelines, we at STEIN Ingenieure see ourselves as pioneers from the very beginning. We have been instrumental in initiating, supporting and shaping the development of maintenance in the wastewater sector in the Federal Republic of Germany in the form of R&D projects, expert reports, studies, standardisation work and numerous engineering projects. In addition to our advanced engineering approaches, we have been active in quality assurance and quality control and have received the TÜV-tested quality certificate "Planners on site". This is a quality management system recognised by public clients and certified by the TÜV.

In 2020, our headquarters in Bochum received the official digital test mark and the corresponding certificate. With this we have committed ourselves to living a quality standard that includes measurable criteria for the quality of the performance (adherence to costs and deadlines, creation of defect-free services, use of sustainable construction materials), for the qualification of our employees, for customer orientation, for the control of documents and written records and for service.

Many companies advertise their performance, adherence to delivery dates, cost security, sustainable building, entrepreneurial thinking and acting in the interest of the client. We can now prove to our customers - TÜV-tested - that we not only advertise these performance features, but actually fulfil them – today, and also in the future – because the audit obliges us to subject ourselves to a continuous improvement process. We are happy to make this commitment for ourselves and for our clients.