Structural design

Structural design is an important part of the planning task when planning new wastewater treatment plants and structures – or their modification. Our structural engineers can dimension and mathematically verify all structures of the water supply and distribution system. We can refer to extensive references, starting with manholes and pumping stations up to storage sewers and open and closed basins.

The preparation of formwork and reinforcement plans is carried out by our drawing department as a team and in direct coordination with the structural engineers.

In addition to the planning of new structures, the reconstruction and revitalization of existing objects is becoming more and more important. Especially in this context, in-depth knowledge is required for the selection of the appropriate analytical method as well as the structural and material parameters. In that regard we can count on many years of profound experience.

For the implementation of pipeline construction projects, we are able to provide all pipe structural verifications. This concerns both construction measures with conventional pipe laying in open trench construction as well as measures which are carried out using trenchless construction.