The initiative “new quality for work” [i] states in a study that increasing the attractiveness as an employer by expanding mobile work and offering more in-service job training opportunities is one of the most important challenges of the future. At STEIN Ingenieure, we actively promote part-time learning for our employees by providing them with the necessary specialist knowledge and by offering permanent on-the-job training. For this purpose, we use our online knowledge platform

UNITRACC stands for "Underground Infrastructure Training and Competence Center". For more than 20 years, UNITRACC has been preserving and didactically processing the knowledge about pipeline construction, maintenance and management. This platform, which is operated in cooperation with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stein & Partner GmbH and visaplan GmbH, is the world's largest provider of online specialist information and offers further training in the above-mentioned specialist areas and is the leading e-learning platform in the construction sector in terms of content, didactics and technology. Knowledge transfer takes place in UNITRACC through a work process-oriented life-long learning approach. All skilled workers can use the extensive learning resources (Figure below) – independent of their education/qualification level. For this purpose, individualized learning paths are available, which meet the different needs of the individual in terms of contents, paths and methods of further education and can integrate them into the different real professional contexts. In combination with mobile working, this puts us at STEIN Ingenieure way ahead when it comes to attractiveness as an employer.

[i] Initiative Neue Qualität der Arbeit: Verwaltung der Zukunft, Praxisreport mit Beispielen für eine moderne Personalpolitik

Figure: Digital learning resources integrated in UNITRACC