We provide site development and drainage concepts for:

Sewers (sewers, stormwater and wastewater sewers, combined sewers, connecting sewers, gravity sewers), pressure and vacuum sewers, manholes, road catch basins, inspection chambers, access equipment, pumping stations, storage and retention basins, rainwater overflows, monitoring equipment, control equipment, outlet sewers, gravel and sand traps, flushing devices, ventilation equipment, settling beds, oil and grease separators.

We bring your targets in urban development and water management requirements into tune with one another:

  • Public health and safety
  • Health and safety of the operating personnel
  • Environmental protection
  • Sustainable development.

You know that the challenges for the construction of new sewers and structures, especially in high-density city centers, are constantly growing. The reasons for this are among others:

  • increasing infrastructure density in a city’s underground
  • more complex explosive ordnance probing and clearance measurement
  • compulsion to maintain the flow of traffic, especially in consideration of fire protection regulations
  • guarantee of permanent wastewater disposal safety for the participants of the connection
  • increasing deadline pressures.
  • To meet these challenges, our employees contribute their specialist knowledge and many years of experience to the planning process and are thus able to advise clients expertly and with a wide range of process solutions. In addition, our intensive cooperation with approval authorities, planning authorities and urban and green space planners enables us to determine routes and locations at an early stage, thus providing the basis for their rapid incorporation in the development plan.

    Some new construction measures cannot be realized conventionally using the open construction method. In such cases, mastery of installation techniques within the "trenchless construction method" is indispensable. STEIN Ingenieure is one of the leading engineering companies in the field of trenchless pipeline installation. Our engineers and scientists have enjoyed a very good reputation for many years. We owe this not only to the successful realization of numerous large and technically demanding tunnelling projects, but also to the intensive research and development activities in this field in which our company and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stein have been involved since 1979.


  • SP1. Establishing the basis of the project
  • SP2. Preliminary design
  • SP3. Final design
  • SP4. Building permission application
  • SP5. Execution drawings
  • SP6. Preparation of contract award
  • SP7. Assisting award process
  • SP8. Project supervision
  • SP9. Project control and documentation

Special services:

We do not only follow conventional approaches in development planning, but also innovative, sustainable and comprehensive planning approaches, such as the separation and decoupling of material flows, multiple laying, i.e. the joint laying of several lines (one after the other or simultaneously), even of different types, in the same route and gradient. Examples of this are installation of pipelines in a casing pipe, in a pipe duct or in a utility corridor / tunnel.