Based on (walk-through) inspections, we record the condition of accessible sewers, pipelines and structures and document all defects relevant to stability and serviceability. If necessary, we develop concepts for the technical examination of the object material/fabric and investigation of the surrounding sub-soil and supervise the investigation work. When taking samples, we naturally keep interference with structural stability, operational safety and surface traffic as low as possible.

We use FEM calculation algorithms to determine the stability. They are designed for all necessary verifications and take into account the residual load-bearing capacity of the sewers and structures examined in each case. Existing geotechnical problems are identified and solved through deformation and stability calculations of the lines, as well as the non-linear interactions between soil and structure.

Our special software programs enable us to model, calculate and check even complicated geometries and building shapes with regard to the existing load-bearing capacity.

The structural assessment of the existing structures and the knowledge of the static loads then form the basis for technically sensible and economically optimized renovation planning, resulting in a reduction of investment risk for the client.