Pipe jacking projects are becoming ever-more demanding. Thus, the traditional approach of managing these projects simply by means of structural calculations often does not suffice. With CoJack (Computing and Controlling Pipe-Jacking) we have developed a quality-assuring instrument for the monitoring of pipe jacking projects from planning to approval of construction. Even under the most difficult conditions, jacking projects become safer, more efficient and a great deal more manageable when faced with large jacking distances, tight and alternating curves, great depths and special geological challenges.

Three phases of project monitoring by means of CoJack

  • Determination of the application limits for structural calculations
  • Planning optimisation
  • Recommendations for construction
  • Visualisation on the internet of the data measured at the construction site
  • Prompt determination of the current safety level and update of the structural calculations as a forecast for further jacking measures
  • Verification of the achieved structural quality by a final “re-driving” of the jacking sections

The process sequence of CoJack.

Figure: Process sequence using CoJack

Some specific key benefits of CoJack:

  • Location-independent use
  • Early warning system because of prompt forecasts
  • Controlled use of increased jacking forces where required
  • Controlled continuation subsequent to unintended steering moves subject to compliance with additional conditions and requirements
  • Prompt data exchange in real time via wireless modem
  • Visualisation in a secured area on the internet
  • Support of the in-situ construction supervision.


  • Optimization of the route
  • Optimization of the design of jacking pipes
  • Monitoring of the pipe jacking to avoid errors
  • Proof of the achieved construction quality and improvement of the acceptance between client and construction company