Structural calculations are an integral part of every sustainable planning concept. We support your projects - from the structural design to the construction supervision and quality control.

Our structural engineers have already proven their expertise in hundreds of projects. In the special subject areas of sewer and pipe rehabilitation and pipe jacking, the basic design rules have been further developed using innovative approaches and thus have had a significant influence on standards and regulations. Benefit from this extensive experience and professional competence.

Furthermore, with respect to the potential of new products, we are specialised in the development of calculation methods and models for non-standardised process engineering because sometimes the standard structural calculations simply do not suffice, or do not reflect the actual condition sufficiently.

Feel free to contact us even for complex or new types of problems for which we can provide extensive and professional support.


  • Structural design of reinforced concrete structures
  • Pipe structural analyses
  • Stability documentation for existing sewers and structures
  • Reinforcement acceptance and site inspections

Special services:

  • Structural verification of rehabilitation techniques
  • Dimensioning of rehabilitation systems or components
  • Structural verification of jacking pipes and optimization of permissible jacking forces
  • Structural analysis verification for pipe installation using liquid soil