The procedural characteristics of trenchless installation methods, but also the complex interrelationships in the pipe/soil interaction of pipes and sewers to be rehabilitated, place special demands on the planning, monitoring, evaluation and assessment of subsoil investigations.

For these reasons, our geotechnical experts work in close cooperation with our planners and structural engineers. They thus have the necessary understanding of the construction and rehabilitation procedures and the static interrelationships between pipe and soil.

STEIN Ingenieure thus offers solutions tailored to the respective construction and rehabilitation task, providing you as the client with the necessary legal certainty and enabling you as the contractor to implement the project with economic success.

Critical advantages provided:

  • Minimisation of the subsoil risk
  • Limiting the systemic risk
  • Reduced cost risk
  • Project specific exploration effort
  • Continuous geotechnical project support extending from exploration through execution
  • Avoidance of tender gaps
  • Improved quality assurance through optimized interfaces: Geotechnical engineering / planning and execution.