Since 2007 we have been organizing the " Technical discussions on pipe jacking". The motivation for this advanced training event is to pass on knowledge regarding the further development of process engineering and the relevant standards and thus to improve the application possibilities of this trenchless process engineering. The exchange of knowledge and experience is important, as enormous progress has been made in pipe jacking over the last 20 years. Pipe jacking with lengths over 1000 m and with S-curves are no longer a rarity today. However, this extension of the limits of application requires greater expertise in all areas of planning and construction management. The exchange of ideas between planners, clients and construction companies in the form of face-to face expert discussions is therefore the underlying concept of this after-work event. Topics of the technical discussions have been:

  • Latest research results to determine the guiding forces occurring during pipe jacking and the resulting additional pipe stresses
  • Insights into comprehensive geotechnical consulting services relative to a tunnelling project
  • Challenges in the planning of very complex pipe jacking.