The increasing density of buried pipelines and cables and the growing traffic load on our roads increasingly complicates the implementation of conventional new construction measures. Therefore, the renovation of existing pipeline systems in the trenchless construction method plays a key role in the maintenance of the water supply infrastructure.

STEIN Ingenieure has a detailed knowledge of common renovation methods, such as lining with close-fit pipes, sliplining with continuous pipes, lining with cured-in-place pipes and lining by sprayed, trowelled or cast-in-place material. Our experience is not limited to the construction implementation and technical details, such as the realization of permanent and sustainable connections to the existing pipes. Within the scope of various projects, we have also dealt with service life considerations of the different renovation methods and thus with holistic economic considerations. For the renovation of power plant pipelines or large irrigation lines, we have already planned a large number of challenging projects and provided technical support during their implementation.


  • SP1. Establishing the basis of the project
  • SP2. Preliminary design
  • SP3. Final design
  • SP4. Building permission application
  • SP5. Execution drawings
  • SP6. Preparation of contract award
  • SP7. Assisting award process
  • SP8. Project supervision
  • SP9. Project control and documentation

Special services:

  • Renovation of power plant pipelines and tunnels
  • Renovation of culvert pipelines using lining with cured-in-place pipes